From Waterlogged to Wonder!

PGE Landscaping Waterlogged project

A customer care project to install flood management and landscape with a very tight deadline.

In the dynamic world of Housing Development, even the best-laid plans can encounter unexpected challenges. However, we believe that within every challenge lies an opportunity for resolution, and with a recent project, we transformed a soggy mess, into a functional, flood resilient retreat.

We were recently called in for what we believed was a simple drainage job due to waterlogging.

Our brief from the client suggested a straightforward job, to include stripping the turf, installing land drain, and relaying the lawn to create an enjoyable space that was fit for purpose for their new homeowner.

However, upon quotation acceptance and work commencing, our site team uncovered an old road buried 200mm underneath the existing lawn. There was an already tight deadline to complete this on behalf of the client for the unhappy homeowner, who wanted their property to look presentable for a party they were hosting on the weekend.  Add on top horrendous weather conditions and saturated soil, finding the old road underneath made the job very complex, and added to the pressure.

However, our Customer Care team weren’t phased by this and quickly consulted with the client. The team engineered a solution to break through the road to ensure there would be no future water logging, whilst keeping within the agreed budgets with the client.

As you can see from the photos below , the conditions were appalling, but the team worked through it, and kept the client updated throughout to reassure them the work would be done on time.

The team completed the work with not much time to spare, and the After pictures are a testament to the dedication and expertise of our team.

Well done Steve, Taine and Camron for pulling this one out of the bog…we mean bag!