PGE – Pre-con working during bird nesting season

PGE Landscaping in Birds Nesting season in the UK

Being a responsible tree contractor means always considering the impact our work may have on birds, nests, and eggs. Protecting wildlife is a priority, which is why we adhere to the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and European Habitats Directive 1992/Nesting Birds Directives. At PGE, we prioritise safety and legality when it comes to tree surgery, hedge cutting, and site clearances.

While Natural England recommends avoiding work during the nesting bird season (March-July), sometimes it’s unavoidable. In these cases, it’s crucial for both the contractor and the client to follow Ecological survey reports and take necessary precautions to protect bird habitats. Our team conducts pre-work surveys and continuously updates reports on site to ensure compliance.

If no nests are found during the survey, we work swiftly within a 48-hour window to complete the planned tree or hedge removal. However, if an active nest is present, we follow specific guidelines to ensure the protection of the bird species. In cases where a protected bird species is involved, we can assist in obtaining the necessary licence from DEFRA.

Working within the nesting season requires extra care and attention to detail. Ecological reports, independent surveys, and co-operation with on-site Ecologists are essential steps to follow. Identifying and marking exclusion zones around nesting areas is crucial to minimise disturbance to wildlife.

So in summary, here are our tips for planning work in the nesting season :-

  • Ecological reports must be carried out to the intended works areas
  • Before works commence as a contractor, carry out an independent survey.
  • If nests are present work to the Ecological guidelines explained in the report.
  • An Ecologist can be present on site at the same time as the intended works to carry out nesting surveys and direct the contractor on site marking where nests have been identified and mark exclusion/no work zones around nesting areas.
  • Once these areas have been identified you can work outside the marked exclusion zones.

At PGE, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of environmental stewardship in all our arboriculture services. By following best practices and regulations, we ensure that our work has a minimal impact on nesting birds and their habitats.

Trust us to handle your tree and hedge needs with care and efficiency while prioritising the protection of wildlife.

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