Duchy Homes – Avon View

Description :

Award-winning housebuilder Duchy Homes is building just 24 1, 3, 4 and 5 bed properties with prices from £153,000 to £895,000 on this exclusive development situated off Evesham Road and set amongst a stunning landscape with views of the River Avon.

Formerly home to Binton railway station and steeped in history, this local landmark is being respectfully redeveloped with reclaimed stone features to retain a historical connection at this unique Warwickshire beauty spot.

Proudly setting the tone at the gateway to the development are four 1-bedroom homes in an impressive country-house structure that exudes elegance and a refined aesthetic. Nestled alongside are the larger, classically-inspired 3-bed, 4-bed and 5-bed detached houses.


Location :

Stratford upon Avon