GKN Automotive

Description :

We were contacted at the end of July by the automotive giant GKN Automotive relating to their former Head Offices in Redditch. The property has been on the open market and the former maintenance contractor had not attended for a long period of time. The lack of maintenance resulted in the property losing its ‘kerb appeal’ to any potential purchasers and they required an initial visit to return the site to a presentable standard and then appointed us to maintain the site on a regular basis until such times that the site is sold.

As you can imagine nature took a hold of the site quite quickly and a lack of attention to detail allowed self set trees to start establishing in areas they should not, grassed areas left to grown too long and the hard standing around the building to be overtaken with weeds and moss growth.

We spent three days initially to ‘blitz’ the site with our full Grounds Maintenance team and now will be ensuring the mistakes of past are not repeated.

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