Additional / Seasonal Services

PGE Landscaping is there to help no matter what the season. We offer a host of seasonal services to enhance, protect or maintain your requirement. These services include:

Spring cleaning and pressure washing:

  • We offer a host of external cleaning services from the pressure washing of hard standing, decking, garden furniture, buildings and house walls. We have specialist equipment to ensure we carry out the work efficiently and effectively.
  • When cleaning block paving we can seal the blockwork after cleaning and re-sand the area, using weed-free sand to minimise future weed growth

Lawn Treatments:

  • Maintaining a healthy and vibrant lawn requires care and dedication, with more activities required to retain its healthiness than mowing alone. From the start of the growing season through to late autumn, we can offer a tailored programme to ensure your lawn(s) are looking their best all year round. With an in-house expert at hand, we can draw upon his vast experience to ensure you have a lawn to be proud of.

Bulb Planting:

  • There are commonly two bulb season types, those that flower in the spring which are planted in the autumn and autumn flowering bulbs that are planted in the spring. We can assist our clients in adding a splash of seasonal colour to sales areas, open spaces, verges, flower beds and even woodland areas. Bulbs offer a huge variety of heights, a spectrum of colours and interest with some of the more unusual varieties available.

Seasonal Planting:

  • We use one of the largest UK bedding plant growers to ensure we have access to a huge range along with availability throughout the year, thus ideal for adding when a splash of colour is required. Bedding plants are versatile and can be used in anything from containers, borders, mangers and hanging baskets. With regular watering and a feed, which we can offer within our Grounds Maintenance packages, your bedding plants will flourish from May all the way through to the first frost, when the winter bedding plants can be added maintain the splendour. If a specific colour scheme is desired we can accommodate any requests.

Fertiliser Applications:

  • Boosting the nutrient content of planted areas is vital in helping plants grow healthily. Select varieties require specialist fertilisers such as acid (ericaceous) loving plants and we can carry out one off visits or devise a fertiliser programme to cover the entire growing season. You will certainly see the difference.


  • Whether it is a rose bed to a 500 year old Oak tree we can help. With highly skilled and experienced teams to carry out the annual task of pruning we can ensure plants and trees are in the best possible shape to grow healthily and form the desired shape. From removing part of the new growth to encourage a denser and thicker hedge or plant through to removing dead branches both are vital to the overall health of the plant. Topiary pruning is a skill and we can also ensure the form of your topiary is maintained throughout the year.

Autumnal Services:

Whether you have a small area through to a park we can help. We have a host of equipment to cater for all requirements and the services offered include:

Winter Services:

Throughout the autumn and winter we can assist our clients in ensuring their sites, sales areas, footpaths, car parks and play areas are accessible and most importantly safe. We offer a host of services from supply only of gritting products through to snow clearance and winter grit spreading.

  • Grit bin supply
  • Winter grit supply
  • Grit spreading – preventative or as a cure
  • Snow clearance – we have a host of machinery to clear areas quickly and efficiently

Fencing, Gates, Sheds, Pots, Planters and Garden Furniture:

From repairs, replacements and new installations, we can meet any requirement.