Supreme Award-Winning site Wildlife Pond Project

wildflowers PGE Landscaping

An ecology enrichment project to transform the area into a beautiful space to create natural walks and attract wildlife.

We had to think carefully about how we tackled this project. There were four large ponds with steep slippery banks that needed preparing safely and to a high standard.

Time was also a consideration on this as it was very important to our client that the wildlife ponds were completed before the season was over, to ensure that the area’s had enough time to establish to give the new residents a great first impression of their surroundings when moving in.

Ecological map

Our solution was to utilise a specialised bit of kit, a Robo-Rotovator. This is a compact tracked machine that can be operated via a remote control, therefore avoiding anyone having to enter the pond or working on the slopes thus keeping our staff safe and efficiently completing the areas.

This prepared the areas by rotovating them ready for hydroseeding with a high-quality wildflower seed, specifically chosen to attract insects and birds.

Field before

This job took 4 weeks to complete, and just a few months after completion and within the first growing season, our clients congratulated us on the results. They said “it looked amazing and was a real focal point”.

A professional audit by an independent architect mentioned how good the wildlife ponds looked considering it was their first growing season.

Our experience and knowledge shone through with this project and delivered for the client. We will always use the correct equipment for the task at hand and will ensure the job is completed safely and effectively.

wildflowers PGE Landscaping

One of the most important aspects of ensuring wildflower areas establish is the maintenance regime implemented and this step is often overlooked. Thankfully not at this site. We implemented a suitable maintenance schedule that ensured the ponds established, which included keeping the invasive weeds out of the area to ensure they did not compete with the specified wildflowers, and ultimately take over.

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