Wasteland to Public Haven


PGE were asked to transform a failed wildflower meadow with turf and replace failed trees to create a beautiful open space that was also functional, within a short space of time.

Our client called us in to rescue and complete works to a large Public Outdoor Space (POS) area, where another contractor had previously installed wildflower meadows, which had extensively failed.

The relationship between developer and residents is always very delicate, and this project was about more than just making things green. The residents were very unhappy with the results of this space to date, and so to ensure no further damage was done and to start repairing relationships they wanted us to act quickly.


Following consultation, it was agreed that we would turf the area to create an instant impact, which was mobilised and completed in the same month as the original request, to create a 6500m2 instant transformation. The entire area was re-cultivated, and turf laid to marry into the existing landscape, and all failed trees were replaced.

At this point, we were not instructed to maintain the area, although we did advise on regular watering.


Following these works in April, the weather took an unexpected turn, and a heatwave created its own problems with the turf shrinking, and in some cases dying as a watering regime was not implemented by the client, despite our advice to do so.

But then:

PGE were called back in to rescue what was left, and we quickly formulated a plan to initiate a watering regime immediately. Extensive watering took place with water bags added to all trees for continual moisture. Despite the watering to turfed areas, in September 2023, there were some areas that needed further remedial work including approx.

800m2 of dead turf replaced, and areas that hadn’t fully recovered hydroseeded to provide full grass coverage, which we completed swiftly and we took over the maintenance of this site going forward.

The results of our extensive work was a fully functional open space that has provided the residents with the haven they desired. The area is now fully transformed, and unrecognisable from the barren land we encountered on our original arrival. As of June 2024, we are still supplying grounds maintenance services to ensure the beautiful space created remains just that.

And Now: