Environmental & Ecological Services

At PGE Landscaping the environment and the impact our clients can have on local ecosystems is of paramount importance to us. We offer a host of Ecological Services that cater for all our clients’ requirements to assist in minimising the impact on the land under development. We work closely with specialist in their field to ensure reports are accurate and comprehensive.

Ecological Surveys we offer include:

  • Newt and Amphibian
  • Bird Nesting
  • Bat
  • Hedgerow Surveys and Assessments
  • Botanical (higher and lower plants)
  • Invasive Plant including Japanese Knotweed and Giant Hogweed
  • Badger
  • Dormouse
  • Water Vole

Once the survey(s) is completed we will issue a report of our observations, providing a plan of how to deal with the observations or preventative measures which can include:

  • Newt and Amphibian barriers/fencing along with the associated accessories required
  • Bird Netting of trees and hedgerows to stop birds nesting for future work
  • Bat boxes can be installed on site in specific locations to encourage bat populations
  • Treatment of invasive plants
  • Field/site clearance to reduce the likelihood of protected species establishing on site. This can include regular grass cutting of the site will all material collected and removed from site

Other services we offer:

  • Wildlife Habitats
  • Bird, Bat & Bee Boxes
  • Owl Boxes
  • Hedgehog Homes
  • Insect Habitats
  • Wild Meadow installations. We offer seeded and turfed options to create these beautiful areas
  • Native planting